Fuse for Windows

This project is an attempt to write a version of FUSE library that works on Windows.


The work has been undertaken as the positive outcome could really benefit the community. Obvious proof of this: there has been a number of past failed attempts.

Many applications already are available for Linux/Mac users. E.g.

  • mounting control version systems such as git, mercurial
  • compressed archives such as zips.
  • kind of hard links in windows
  • network filesystems like NFS, ssh, ftp ....


    The deliverables of this project are going to be:
  • kernel driver (as tiny as possible)
  • user side library (maybe service) exposing FUSE APIs.
  • some quick port of one of fuse aplications as proof of concept.
  • some command line tools (mount/umount/listing etc

    As a kind of reference for performance, lightweigtness and user friendliness Pismo file mount is taken. Unfortunatelly a non-opensource and non-extendable solution.

    No big expectations please as time and resources are limited.